Being an NBA superstar isn’t just slam dunks and cross-overs for LeBron. The  Miami Heat player has recently teamed up with Jay-Z and Sprite to launch a new community service program aimed at rebuilding more than 150 basketball courts
throughout the U.S…

“Rebuilding basketball courts, playgrounds, gyms and places for young people to play is one of my biggest priorities,” he told PopEater via e-mail. Having first learned basketball on the playgrounds of Akron Ohio, James said he knows how important it is for kids to play sports in their own neighborhoods.

“The Sprite Spark Parks Project offers young people an opportunity to  make a difference in their community, where future generations of  basketball stars can develop their skills,” he wrote. James also recently launched his own cartoon web series, “The Lebrons,” which he said he hopes will positively impact young viewers.

Lets hear it for Black athletes doing big things in their community – congrats LeBron!