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LeBron James Blasts Trump For Disinviting Steph Curry To The White House, Twitter Responds Accordingly

Donald Trump is on a roll….and not in a good way. After causing a firestorm with his outwardly distasteful comments towards the NFL—aimed primarily at Colin Kaepernick—on Friday night, the U.S. President yet again took aim at the professional sports world less than 24 hours later. Taking to social media, Trump fired off a tweet on Saturday morning, in which he “officially” disinvited NBA superstar Steph Curry to the White House. Unfortunately for Trump, Curry had already made it clear earlier in the year that he has no interest in visiting the Trump administration White House, after being invited to do so alongside the rest of the Golden State Warriros team following their NBA Championship win in June. After catching wind of 45’s comments, fellow NBA star LeBron James took to his own Twitter to remind Trump that he can’t decline an invite to someone who was never coming in the first place. While the moment certainly allowed for some comic releif, the messages sent by LeBron, Kobe Bryant, Ava DuVernay, Chris Paul, Jesse Williams, Richard Sherman and others in response to Trump’s comments was crystal clear: The current President’s attemps to silence high profile Black athletes who are choosing to use their platforms to speak out against his racist, sexist, bigotry-filled way of running the country will not be tolerated. Check out some of the best Tweets in response to the comments below.