Lawrence Taylor was sentenced to six years probation with no jail time today. He was originally charged with sexual misconduct with an underage prostitute — to which he plead guilty back in January.

According to TMZ, the judge handed down a heavy sentence. He was specifically told he must register as a sex offender with New York State. The judge placed a court order prohibiting him from having any contact with the minor until 2016. It addition, the judge placed tight restrictions on the former NFL player — he’s permitted to pick up his kids from school, he must be home from 1a.m. to 5 a.m., plus, he’s prohibited from visiting sex shops, porn shops or strip club establishments.

The case has been on going since last summer when Taylor was indicted with rape charges.

To many of us, today’s announcement is shocking, as he narrowly escaped prison. How do you feel? Should he have gotten off so easy?