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Lauryn Hill Criticised for Lackluster Performance

Lauryn Hill upset concert goers with a lack luster performance.
Lauryn Hill puts on another dismal performance. The former hit maker headlined the Rock the Bells Festival in Toronto, Canada recently and gave another terrible performance, according to one scathing review.

How bad you ask? The writer for the National Post said it was like watching “an artist write their own obituary on stage.” Ouch!

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Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Ms. Hill’s performances weren’t up to par. She reportedly showed up a hour and a half late this event only to have a performance so bad people began to leave 30 minutes into it.

From what we gather from the review, the sound was terrible in the amphitheater space and she was constantly drowned out.

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Simply put, the reviewer said “Wow, Hill is an unmitigated disaster of a performer right now. Again, maybe it was just this show, but she spent the entire performance flapping her arms constantly at the sound of people at the side of the stage and at her band. It was beyond distracting and, after some time, outright uncomfortable to watch.”

With that said and what appears to be a staying trend for Hill.