Lauryn Hill Out-and-About with Rohan Marley and Kids
Getty Images
Lauryn Hill showed off her baby bump while enjoying family time with Rohan Marley and their children at “Spider Man, Turn Off the Dark” on Broadway.

This sweet family moment is a far cry from the mini-controversy stirred up by Rohan, who recently tweeted he was “not the father” of Hill’s sixth child. Since then, Rohan has taken a second to clear up rumors that he was dating Hill while he was married, saying he divorced his wife in 1996, and that he’s only going solo with Lauryn.

“When I’m in a committed relationship with one woman, I’m just with that one woman![…]Miss Hill and I are happy with the five kids we have together. She speaks for herself and any other questions regarding her personal life should be directed towards her.”


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