Choreographer Laurieann Gibson is the creative director behind mega-successful artists like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, but most of us remember her for her stint on Diddy’s “Making the Band.” This Jamaican-American Cali girl says her energetic personality is often misunderstood. “You have to have an immense amount of energy to keep Diddy inspired,” she said during a stop at the ESSENCE offices just days before she won a Best Choreography VMA for Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” She spoke with about her upcoming E! reality show and reconciling with Diddy. You’re one busy lady these days. What’s it like to have all your artists at the top of their game? LAURIEANN GIBSON: Wow! I don’t really think about that. I think about yesterday, I think about the last step we practiced and I think about who confides in my gift. I go into every situation like it’s the first or the last one. I am incredibly grateful to God’s time and his positioning so I think it’s a reflection of what he’s doing in my life at this particular time. You’ve spent a lot of time behind the scenes. Is your upcoming reality show on E! and “The Boom Kack” dance show on BET a chance for you to come center stage? GIBSON: I think it’s good for people to see that a person like myself exists with this gift. I came from nothing. I don’t have a famous last name, I didn’t sleep my way to the top and I’m not the cutest puppy in the patch. I’ve had every door closed and God has delivered me so I want to send the message that there’s no way the world can tell you anything is not possible. You and Diddy are working together again? You two have a very interesting dynamic, to say the least. GIBSON: Oh my goodness, I wish it was more than friends so I could get some handbags and rings and things. We did “Making the Band” and we had the big fight. It was unfortunate that he edited my personality with such a negative connotation. People mistake my energy for being a diva, but it isn’t; it’s the passion that I have. The type of woman that I represent I think he ultimately respects and adores and is glad that I exist. Now our friendship has flourished into that of a brother and sister — family. Gibson’s untitled reality show will premiere on E! later this year. “The Boom Kack” show premieres next year on BET.