The blogosphere erupted with news that famed choreographer Laurieann Gibson has parted ways with Lady Gaga. In case you didn’t know, Gibson was the moving force behind Gaga’s catchy dance moves, tours, music videos and more.

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Gibson said in a statement, “I am fulfilled with the work I have done with choreographing all the iconic moves, creative directing the artist, appearances, shows, directing the tour, music videos, and the HBO ‘Monster Ball,’ which was a culmination of my work as its creator and director. Recently, Lady Gaga was motivated to take the helm of the creative direction of her own career and as such I decided to step away.”

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An Emmy-nominated choreographer, Gibson is a creative director for Interscope Records and helps artists develop their visual presentations, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Whoever she goes on to work with will be very fortunate.

What’s next for Gibson, you might ask? She’ll likely continue on with her E! show, “The Dance Scene.”


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