A day before the 2nd anniversary of her brother Michael Jackson’s death, La Toya Jackson says she knows the King of Pop lived in fear of his own death.

La Toya has penned her thoughts in a new book called “Starting Over,” in which she reveals that MJ constantly agonized that he would be killed by people wanting access to his billion-dollar assets.

“[Michael’s death] is definitely something that was premeditated,” La Toya writes in “Starting Over.” “They planned to take my brother out, and my brother knew it.”

La Toya implies that Dr. Conrad Murray is not the only one to blame for Michael’s death. She alleges that John Branca, a co-executor of Jackson’s estate, may have been involved in a plot too. “They only care about what they can do and what they can get their hands on,” she said.

“Starting Over” is in stores now.