Just hours until Valentine’s Day and you still need to pump some more passion into your evening? You may be short on time, but we’re great when it comes to quick thinking. Try one (or more) of our tips and we bet your man will be gushing to friends about his great girlfriend for the rest of the month.

Dial His Heart

Send a photo to your guy’s cell phone that will keep you on his mind all day long. One idea: Lay the lingerie you’re planning to wear tonight on your bed and snap a pic of that. “Men are visual, so give them something to indulge in¬,” says LaDawn Black, author of Let’s Get It On: 15 Hot Tips and Tricks to Spice Up Your Sex Life (One World/Ballantine).

Leave Him Hanging on Your Every Word

Leave him a voice mail about exactly what you have planned for once you two get home, but hang up midsentence-right before you get to the good part. He may eagerly dial you back to complain that the message was cut off, but tell him he’ll have to wait until tonight to find out.

Get Your Glove Love On

Hit the drugstore or a specialty shop and pick up a variation of your favorite brand of condom. Look for something “for her pleasure” or “longer-lasting” that could take things to a whole new level tonight.

Pour a Sexy Love Potion

Dash to your local liquor store and grab a bottle of his favorite beverage brand on your way home. “Make a Valentine’s Day punch by adding cranberry juice to a glass of champagne,” suggests Jai Jai Greenfield, co-owner of Harlem Vintage in New York City. Want to head right for dessert? Greenfield says you can double up on the indulgence by adding a splash of wine to a bowl of ice cream.

Shake What Your Mama Gave You

Spontaneity over the course of the night is your best bet. Take turns feeding each other a few bites during dinner. Whisper something tantalizing into his ear while you’re in a crowded room. And when you get home, become his dream girl by doing a short, sexy striptease. You don’t have to bother with expensive lingerie or complicated props, says Black: “Just a little movement goes a long way.”


Photo Credit: Getty Images