On Tuesday night’s episode of the The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, the comedian host sat down with several, yes more than one, African-Americans who have plans to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming 2016 Presidential election. 

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While one man reveals that he supports the Republican candidate having lost faith in the Democratic nominees, another woman announces she’s pro-Trump because she believes he’s a “gangster.”

“He’s a gangsta,” she said. “He’s going out here and gangstering the whole situation and he’s like if you come up to my mic, I’m taking you out. Coming from the hip-hop community, I understand his language.”

Another Trump supporter has full faith that Trump will not try and rewind time and enslave Black people. 

“Just know that Donald Trump is not going to turn you into a slave [and] he’s not going to put you back in the cotton fields.” 

Wilmore said he doesn’t believe and we don’t either. 

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