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Larissa Aurora: "Bootz" Camp

After leaving "Charm School", Larissa "Bootz" Aurora sets the record straight about Mo'Nique and her classmates.

Hate it or love it, Larissa “Bootz” Aurora is unbreakable. So what if she flunked “Charm School“, this aspiring actress and licensed hair stylist wants you to know that she has a “real” life outside of the Queen of Comedy’s institution. Besides, the California native has been winning baby pageants since she was a 1 year old and could probably teach her former classmates a spellbinding lesson or two. Larissa, the middle child of four siblings, has been keeping her eyes on the prize — acting, modeling and preparing to launch her own weave hairline, Larissa Aurora. “Essence.com” kicked it with the fiesty ex-student to dish about Mo’Nique’s rules, her “so-called” friend Shay, and why Flava Flav was never the object of her desire.

Unfortunately, you and Mo bumped heads constantly. Do you really have beef with her?
The only thing I can say about Mo’Nique is that she doesn’t see everything that goes on in the house, but our strained relationship was another reason I left. And let’s be clear, I “left” the show, I didn’t get eliminated. If judging was really based on the competition, then I passed my competition so why was I on the carpet? Mo’Nique had too much pride to congratulate me on doing a great interview with “New York.”

Weren’t you on the carpet for hiding Leilene’s photo?
Who cares if I hid the picture? When Schatar “(Hottie)” hid Heather’s (Krazy) clothes Mo told us to step up our game because Schatar did a great job playing us. So I’m thinking, ‘Okay Mo’Nique wants us to play dirty, then let’s play dirty.’ But when I do a prank, I’m a thief and a liar.