On Wednesday, Lane Bryant took to its blog “Inside Curve” to vent about TV networks Fox and ABC not airing its lingerie ad. According to Lane Bryant, ABC refused to air the commercial–which featured a voluptuous model rocking sexy intimates from the company’s Cacique lingerie line–during its popular prime time show “Dancing With The Stars” and Fox requested major edits be made to the ad before choosing to air it during the last ten minutes of “American Idol.” “ABC refused to show the commercial during ‘Dancing with the Stars’ without restricting our airtime to the final moments of the show,” The Lane Bryant blog reads. “Fox demanded excessive re-edits and rebuffed it three times before relenting to air it during the final 10 minutes of ‘American Idol,’ but only after we threatened to pull the ad buy. ” We asked our Facebook friends what they thought about the TV Networks’ hesitation to air the plus-size lingerie ad. Here’s what you had to say: Zan: “It just goes to show that people are not ready and don’t realize that the average woman in America is a size 14!” Johndera: “It seems like real women are still being told that real is not beautiful. As a real woman I’m here to say it is!” Trinity: “There is no reason why full-figured models should not and cannot model lingerie. When small women do it, it is not a problem!” Maurisha: “I love the sexy confident image that Lane Bryant was portraying with this ad. All women wear lingerie–not just model types. It’s apparent that society’s view of curvy has not caught up with reality.” Terese: “I thought the commercial was done tastefully. TV has such a double standard. If the model was paper thin skinny it be OK to show it.” Ayeesha: “This makes me crazy. That is what most women look like! Wouldn’t it be great to see real women represented!” Reena: “Well, we know we are sexier than the stick figures. This is blatant discrimination and bias.” Pam: “It’s ridiculous not to show the Lane Bryant commercial. …Voluptuous women are everywhere. Let’s embrace them and me.” Adrienne: “I like the commercial and find nothing wrong with it at all. I am a plus-size woman myself and I enjoy seeing women like myself represented tastefully.” Do you agree with these ladies? Do the TV networks have a bias against curvy girls?  Related stories: