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Georgia Mom Allegedly Killed 2 Kids By Putting Them in Oven 

Ga. Mom Allegedly Killed 2 Kids by Putting Them in Oven Before Video-Calling Their Dad to Show Scene

A Georgia mom who allegedly murdered her young sons — and then showed the children’s father the scene on a video call — killed the boys “by placing them in an oven and turning it on,” according to an arrest warrant obtained by multiple outlets.

Police have charged Lamora Williams with two counts of murder in the deaths of her 1- and 2-year-old sons after Atlanta police officials discovered the children with burn marks, officials have said.

Williams, 24, is currently being held in the Fulton County Jail after waiving her first appearance in front of a judge on Monday, according to online jail records. She is reportedly being held without bond and no court date has been set, multiple reports say. PEOPLE’s attempts to reach a spokesperson for the Fulton County Superior Court were unsuccessful.

On Friday evening, after Atlanta police responded to a call, Williams allegedly told officers she discovered her deceased sons after leaving them with a caregiver for the day.

“The children’s mother advised she left the children with a caregiver around noon on [Friday] and returned around 11:30 p.m., finding the children deceased and the caregiver gone,” officials wrote in a statement.

However, “at this time investigators do not believe the children’s mother left them with a caregiver,” the statement says.

According to multiple reports, Williams called the boys’ father via video chat.

The father of the boys, Jameel Penn, told local TV station WSB and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the video call. “It was like a real horror movie,” he told WSB. “It was Friday the 13th.”

He added, “When I saw my kid, how I saw my kid, that’s when I knew what was going on.”

Speaking to the AJC, he said, “After I seen what I seen, you know I called the police.”

Williams’ mother told WSB she has a history of mental health issues.

The children’s father created a GoFundMe page and hopes other people learn from his tragic experience.

“I want everyone to use my story as a helping hand,” he wrote. “I lost my 2 young boys to violence and I want to be a difference maker in someone else’s life to prevent a child being hurt.”

This article originally appeared on PEOPLE