Five attorneys involved with trying former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick could lose their license to practice law, according to the Associated Press. Mike Stefani and four others are being accused of ethics violations brought about from the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission. Staff at the grievance commission act as investigators and prosecutors of misconduct by lawyers.

Stafani used hot and heavy text messages to bring Kilpatrick down and prove that he committed perjury at a 2007 civil trial where he denied having an affair with his top aide. Stefani subpoenaed the text messages from SkyTel but the case blew wide open last year when the Detroit Free Press published some of the text messages, which detailed an intense sexual relationship between Kilpatrick Christine Beatty.

Now, Kilpatrick is hoping to get $100 million out of SkyTel in damages for leaking the embarrassing text-messages. Kilpatrick believes SkyTel broke federal communications law in providing the messages to Stafani.—WLW

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