KKK Flyers Sent to Residents of Statesville, North Carolina  
Nur Photo via Getty Images/Bastiaan Slabbers

Police in North Carolina are investigating after flyers with the letters “KKK” and the phrase “we see everything’ were sent to 66 residents in Statesville. 

Officials say the residents who received the flyers had previously demanded the removal of a Confederate statue. This demand is not native to Statesville. People in cities across the nation have also protested against Confederate statues, arguing they are a symbol of racism and have no place in society. 

According to Statesville Police Chief David Addison, the flyers started showing up last Saturday, just four days after county commissioners voted overwhelmingly to have a Confederate monument removed from in front of a Statesville courthouse.  

“This should not happen. What happens if children get this?” Chief Addison asked while speaking to the city’s local Channel 9. “We’re intimidating people using this as a threat, a veiled threat. And that’s something that we should not have happen in our county.” 

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“I had just had a friend drop something off, and my 11-year-old came running into my office with this flyer right here—he was terrified,” said Genesis Houpe while talking to Channel 9.  “It said, ‘KKK we see everything,’ with the business card and candy in it. He was terrified when he got this.” Houpe said she was angry and stunned by the threat. 

Law enforcement says that so far it doesn’t look like a crime has been committed. Officials, however, are continuing to investigate.