Kiss Your Spider Veins Goodbye With Sclerotherapy
Getty Images

Men have a thing for legs. I can’t tell you the number of times my dad recounts the story of when he first saw my mom; it will undoubtedtly involve the statement “and she had those big, pretty legs.” We pay attention to legs and their appearance. So tiny things like spider veins— as minor as their may be—are a huge annoyance. Fortunately, however, there is a treatment that can literally make them disappear in minutes. And, if you’ve got a few dollars to spare, you can get your Naomi Campbell on almost instantaneously!

The treatement is called schlerotherapy and it essentially burns the vein using a medical grade detergrent—don’t worry, it’s totally safe. A doctor injects the solution and the vein virtually disappears within seconds. Patients will experience some minor bruising, followed by itching immediately after treatment, but it subsides after a few minutes and over the next few weeks the overall appearance of your legs will improve. 

Dr. David Verebelyi believes that Sclerotherapy is “very safe if done by a qualified person.” He advises patients to “skip any provider that is not an RN, PA, MD or DO [and] try to find someone who has been injecting for at least a year.” 

Want to see it in action? LA-based beauty vloggers Susan and Sharzad of Mixed Makeup tried it and and we’re kind of fascinated by the results.

Of course, if you’re afraid of needles or if you can think of better things to spend your money on, you can always just try compression stockings; the results won’t be the same, but they’ll keep your veins at bay and may help prevent more veins from appearing.