Kiss Puffy Eyes Goodbye With This Model Favorite!
Instagram/ LipstickMisfit

If you’re like me, your day starts around 6AM but you probably didn’t go to bed until about 2AM, so those 4 precious hours of beauty rest that you didn’t get are likely to show up on your face. Think: under eye bags and blotchy, inflamed skin. Once fashion month hits, I basically consider sleep a luxury and survive off of matcha lattes and the occasional espresso (make that a double!); and a really, really good concealer that reflects light so I don’t look like death in lipstick. Model’s schedules are just as rigorous during fashion week—between running from show to show and juggling all of the after parties, it’s a wonder that they can show up for a 6 AM call time, much less showing up looking well rested.

Backstage at Nicholas K A/W 2016 collection, makeup artists used Maskeraide Beauty Hydrating Gel Masks ($25 at to hydrate, brighten and soothe puffy eyes. So the next time you have one of those days where morning comes too soon, ditch the cucumber slices or cold spoons and reach for a hydrating gel mask instead!

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