Interior design maven and host of HGTV’s “Myles of Style,” Kim Myles, will answer a question submitted from an reader every day. Kim believes that interior design should offer a lifestyle that’s chic, vibrant and attainable for every homeowner or renter. “My goal is to offer simple solutions that help the average person achieve the look that they want without going into debt. There is absolutely no reason for great design to be overly expensive or exclusive,” she declares. Today’s topic: Love Shack Dear Kim, I am a newly single woman with kids that are off to school. So the house is my new love shack. I, of course, do not want to be the 50-year-old with the shiny apartment like I’m 19 years old. But I want sexy. I would like to bring a man back to my house and my master bedroom and have it express grown and sexy. Any advice? KIM MYLES: Bring on the love shack!  I’d make your bedroom a valentine to the senses by concentrating on the textures of the space. How about caramel colored walls complimented by rich chocolate velvet curtains? A creme pin-tucked silk bedspread (West Elm’s ‘Madison’ series is lovely) would feel fabulous on bare skin, and a few splashes of rich warm jewel tones (ruby, persimmon, eggplant) via pillows, an area rug, glass vases or art would complete the sensual vibe. Don’t forget plenty of votive candles for glitter and warmth, and be sure that the bulb in the bedside lamp is no higher than 40 watts. Enjoy! Read more: Need help selecting furniture for your space? Have a disagreement with your spouse on a color to paint your walls? Toddlers making your home look like a storm rolled through it and need help adjusting for their mess? Send your design question to Please keep the questions brief and as detailed as possible. Remember, the more information you offer, the more Kim will be able to help!