Did A Man Really Yell ‘Kill Obama’ As Donald Trump Gave His Victory Speech?
Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Donald Trump, in a stunning and shocking upset to the global community, witnessed Americans do the unthinkable on Tuesday.

Elect him president of the United States of America.

Trump, a xenophobe who once threatened to ban all Muslim immigration in this country, called Mexicans rapists and murderers, sexually assaulted a number of women and vowed to reinstate the unconstitutional Stop & Frisk policy that disenfranchises minority communities, gave a victory speech early Wednesday, rousing his base of the white working class who overwhelmingly voted him into office.

But if the shock that a former reality television star — a man who admittedly doesn’t pay his taxes, has never held public office or served in the military  — became president of the free world is alarming, the celebratory actions of those he galvanized (a base that is seemingly fine with a candidate endorsed by the KKK), is just as jarring. While multiple reports surfaced of Trump supporters spewing hate-filled commentary at watch parties, at least one incident seems to be caught on tape.

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During Trump’s victory speech, a man can be heard yelling a comment, which many believe to be “kill Obama.”

Other attendees corroborated the claim on Twitter, saying they too witnessed the disturbing incident.

But while many say it’s unclear what the supporter said — and the campaign has yet to respond — the thought that the Trump voter (who feels so empowered that their candidate won) is calling for the life of America’s first Black president is indicative of what’s to come in a Donald Trump America.