Like most of us, Keyshia Cole knows her family’s got some issues. The singer recently opened up about her relationship with her family and why she doesn’t support the “Frankie & Neffe Show”… In an interview with Ryan Cameron on Atlanta’s V103, Keyshia admitted her relationship with her mother (who still struggles with substance abuse) and sister isn’t at its best. “I am not one to assassinate someone character,” Keyshia said in the interview. “But when there are things going on behind closed doors that are forced in the open, you have no choice but to discuss things in the public.” Keyshia, who wanted to keep her family out of the public eye, also said she was opposed to the entire idea of BET’s “Frankie & Neffe Show.” “Almost all of my life has been lived in the public eye,” Keyshia continued. “But when you have too much being placed in the eye of the public and things that shouldn’t be out there being done by people who really don’t have control; I just wanted to make sure that they were all right and didn’t look bad.” What do you think of Keyshia’s family – can they reconcile their issues?

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