Keyshia Cole recently shared updates with fans about her mother, Frankie Lons and her battle with drugs.

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Cole, who has been very open about her mother’s substance abuse, told fans via Twitter that her mother is still struggling to kick her habit with drugs and alcohol.  Yet, she did open up to her followers, sharing some honest semblance of hope:

“4 those who CARE. My mother Frankie’s much better. More mature, Not cursing around DJ, N she weighs more than me. Think she doing sumthin. LoL,” she Tweeted.

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Frankie also appears to have made some amends with Cole’s adopted mother and the two are avoiding conflict.  “I love her like this,” Keyshia tweeted.”She’s such a wonderful, funny, loving, caring grandmother. She’s getting along with my mom, Yvonne. Like living a dream.”

We’re sending our best wishes to you and your family Keyshia!