Keyshia Cole took to social media again to air out her frustrations. But this time she has a bone to pick with BET.

The R&B singer blasted the network on Twitter claiming they have yet to pay her for the first season of her docuseries, Keyshia and Daniel: Family First that premiered just last fall.

After being asked by a fan about when her show would be returning to the network, Cole tweeted, “They haven’t payed us from the first one!” Could this mean its also a wrap for the popular show?

The six-episode reality television show followed the life of the platinum-selling singer, her husband NBA player Daniel Gibson, and their son “DJ” as the newlywed couple navigated life.

BET has not confirmed whether or not Cole’s allegations are true.

But it’s clear the Essence Festival performer won’t let this incident hold her up.

She’s recently announced a collaboration with the affordable shoe brand Steve Madden that is set to hit stores in October.