You’ll Laugh Out Loud At Kevin Hart’s Reaction to His Home Being Robbed
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Over the weekend, Kevin Hart’s home was broken into and half a million dollars worth of personal items were taken.

Fortunately, no one was home and surveillance caught the robbers in the act. 

Now, Kevin Hart is talking about the home invasion and even cracked a few jokes about it this morning on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.” The comedian told listeners that after the robbery he realized “you don’t know what you have until you see what’s missing.” He said that he started to notice common, every day things were gone, things you really wouldn’t expect a burglar to steal. “They took so much stupid stuff, the stupid stuff made me mad. They took a pair of my jeans!” Hart joked, “You took a pair my jeans, ain’t nobody going to fit these jeans. I’m on the streets looking, waiting for somebody to sell me these jeans.”

Burglars Steal $500,000 Worth Of Personal Items From Kevin Hart’s Home

Hart also stated that when going through the surveillance footage he noticed something pretty odd and hilarious.

“We damn sure saw somebody in a ski mask go in the bathroom and he ain’t come out for a couple minutes, then came back out,” the comedian said, “I’m dead serious! Went in and took a smash in my bathroom with the ski mask on. I’d rather you go on the floor. Don’t disrespect me by using my bathroom.”

All jokes aside, Hart had a pretty good attitude about the whole thing, saying, “Other than that, I’m not bothered. It’s material things, all that stuff can be replaced.”

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