Kerry Washington Speaks Out Against Divorce Rumors and Shares a Little Social Media Advice
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Kerry Washington rarely opens up about her personal life, but during a talk at SXSW the Scandal star took a quick minute to discuss divorce rumors that have plagued her and husband, NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha. Kerry Washington Talks ‘Social Stardom’ at SXSW “I think—and this is something Reese Witherspoon has talked about a lot—it’s a little different for me because I don’t talk about my personal life. Social media has actually been great for [other celebrities’] relationships with the weeklies or the gossip sites because people say things and they say, ‘That’s not true! Just so you know, that’s BS!’ I say ‘BS’ because it’s Sunday. So I’m thinking in some ways, it’s been great because people are able to maintain their voice.” Kerry Washington Plans To Have A Bigger Conversation About Make-Up With Her Daughter Adding, “If I don’t talk about my personal life, it means I don’t talk about my personal life.That means not only did I not tell you when I was getting married, it also means if somebody has rumors about what’s going on in my marriage, I don’t refute them, because I don’t talk about my personal life.” Watch Shondaland Stars Viola Davis and Kerry Washington Endorse Hillary Clinton While many celebrities have chosen to share their personal life through social media, Kerry wants to keep her private life private. Despite how she feels about sharing her life on social media, the actress does see the benefits of having a presence. “Social media has the power to give a voice to the previously voiceless. There are more voices at the table than ever before, and those voices have a place to be heard.” Kerry Washington’s Mom Is Totally Cool Watching Sex Scenes With Her Daughter Her only rule about the Internet, aside from not sharing her personal life online, is to never read the comments. “I don’t read comments on other platforms. Not only comments about myself … if someone is commenting on a picture of Jennifer Lopez, I won’t read those either. People are just so mean.” We hear you, girl. WANT MORE FROM ESSENCE? Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news.


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