Keri Hilson set the Twittersphere ablaze when she angered Amy Winehouse fans by tweeting a pic of a woman resembling the late singer.

Keri wrote, “Gasp! Amy Winehouse resurrected to party w/me!!! (seriously, uncanny resemblance)” and came under attack by followers calling her “insensitive” and “offensive.”

In response, Keri tweeted a prompt apology.

“Come on, I mean no harm. All due respect. But really the resemblance freaked me out. This was simply the best tribute ever. #RIPAMYWINEHOUSE. I apologize 2 anyone who might’ve taken it the wrong way. I had no ill intent, but I understand how it appears insensitive… my bad twitterville. For real,” Keri wrote.

Amy Winehouse, whose funeral is today in North London, died of unknown causes in her home on Saturday.

Do you think Keri’s tweet was insensitive?

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