UPDATE: Women lobbyists in Kenya are ready to take thier activism to the next step. After calling on the women of the country to join them in a sex strike last week as a way to push Kenya’s leaders to end political bickering, they are now ready to move on with a more formalized 90-day plan, according to the DailyNation.com.

The boycott ended on May 6 after President Kibaki and Prime Minister Odinga met to end their differences earlier in the week.

The 90-day plan asks that both leaders allow the people to monitor their progress and the public be kept informed.The lobbyists will give both leaders a list of the key issues facing the country and will hold them responsible for meeting these needs. The sex boycott was one way to get the men of Kenya to end recent killings and concentrate on rebuiling their nation.—WW

Do you think the sex strike helped to get the two leaders to settle their differences?

Kenyan Women Plan Sex Boycott

The women of Kenya are sick and tired and they’re not going to take it anymore. Thousands of women through the Women’s Development Organization and eleven other women’s groups in Nairobi, Kenya, declared that they will begin a weeklong sex strike to protest their country’s political leadership, according to the Associated Press. The groups hope taking such drastic actions will prompt the men who run their government to stop fighting and work together in peace.

The groups have also called on the wives of the President and Prime Minister to protest with them, but either wife has yet to respond to the request.

Violence sparked by political difference has left 600,000 people without homes and 1,000 people dead.—WLW

Would a sex strike every work in this country?