ESSENCE Poll: Is It Ever OK To Text a Married Man Without His Wife’s Knowledge?

Last night the women of Real Housewives of Atlanta came together to address one of their most pressing issue with Kenya Moore: her possibly sending inappropriate text messages to co-star Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo. 

At lunch with Nene, Kenya found it ridiculous that everyone assumed her text messages to Apollo were inappropriate. Could it be because the same exact issue came up during the season 5 reunion?

During her confessional, NeNe stated that texting a married man is a no-no and because they are all friends Kenya needed to get “g-checked” for her actions. Later in the episode during said “g-check(ing)” the other women backed NeNe’s claim that texting a married man is inappropriate. Kenya continued to claim the content of the messages were not inappropriate and that Phaedra could have just let her know she didn’t want her text messaging him if she was uncomfortable with it.

We may never know what Kenya was text messaging to Apollo, but we would like to know what you think about the basis of the debate. Is it OK to text a married man if his wife is uncomfortable with it? Feel free to explain your answer in a comment. [poll id=403376]