<p>Kenneka Jenkins: Police Chief Says FBI Is Not Taking Over Investigation Into Teen's Death </p>


The local police department overseeing the investigation into the troubling death of Kenneka Jenkins is refuting reports that the case is now being handled by the FBI.

As investigations into the suspicious circumstances surrounding Kenneka’s death continue, the Rosemont, IL Department of Public Safety wants the public to know that the case is very much still in their hands. Police Chief Donald E. Stephens III directly responded to inquiries about whether or not the FBI has now taken a lead role in finding out what really happened to the19-year-old, who was found dead in a hotel freezer on September 20 after a night of partying with friends.

“I would like to respond to the inquiries surrounding the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) intervening with the death investigation of Kenneka Jenkins,” Chief Stephens said in a statement. “At this time, the death investigation of Kenneka Jenkins will remain in the hands of the Rosemont Public Safety Department. This investigation has been and remains the utmost priority for us.”

While the Chief’s statement does shut down recent speculation that the FBI has taken over the investigation completely, he did reveal that Rosemont police have enlisted the help of “outside agencies” in hopes of obtaining as much accurate information as possible.

“Throughout this investigation we have used any and all outside agencies necessary to complete a thorough investigation and will continue to do so as needed,” the statement continued. “As with any investigation, we have resources and assistance available from the local, county, state, and federal level. I am fully confident in the ability of each and every one of the officers, detectives, and leadership team charged with this case. At no time have I doubted the work that is being done.”

Kenneka’s friends, family and the local community have continued to express disbelief in the theory that the teen simply “walked into the freezer on her own,” as initially reported by detectives following her death.