Kendrick Lamar Says Racially Charged Climate Has ‘Really Struck a Nerve’
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Kendrick Lamar has never been one to shy away from sensitive topics, both in his lyrics and in day-to-day conversations.

Now, the To Pimp a Butterfly rapper is opening up in the winter issue of XXL magazine and explaining why the high-profiled deaths of people like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown have affected him on a personal level.

“All of it has really struck a nerve with me because when you experience things like that personally and you know the type of hardships and pain that it brings first-hand, it builds a certain rage with you,” Lamar said.

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He recalled traumatic memories from his teens when police showed up at his house, handcuffing both he and his family and being dragged into the yard.

“It brings back those memories,” he said. “Memories of losing loved ones. It brings back some of the most painful memories and deepest thoughts of real life situations that I didn’t even want to address on good kid. Or wasn’t ready to. Rage is the perfect word for it.”