Kellyanne Conway Wants Reporters Fired For ‘Talking Smack’ About Trump
Spencer Platt

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s senior advisor, said in an interview Sunday that various networks should fire reporters for unfair coverage of President Donald Trump

“Which one is going to be the first network to get rid of these people who said things that were just not true?” Conway said during an interview with Chris Wallace of FOX News. 

“People should feel embarrassed… Not one silly political analyst and pundit who talks smack all day long about Donald Trump has been let go,” she continued. 

As her diatribe against media coverage of the president continued, she referred to reports during the campaign, saying that, “On great days we were ignored, on most days we were mocked.” 

This critique of media coverage isn’t a first from the new administration. Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon called the media “the opposition party,” and said it should be silenced. 

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President Trump also personally pressured the National Park Service for photos following his belief that there have been false depictions of his Inauguration Day crowd. 

During Conway’s recent accusations of unfair coverage, FOX anchor Chris Wallace responded, “The First Amendment protects the press … it is offensive to have folks who have been in the White House for a week lecture us about what we should and shouldn’t do.”