Kelly Rowland is having one of her best years yet. Her hit single “Motivation” topped the charts, she’s working on the “X Factor,” and we still can’t stop talking about her mesmerizing performance at this year’s BET Awards.

All of her recent success shows that Ms. Kelly can definitely hold her own. Although the songstress rose to fame with Destiny’s Child in the late ’90s, working on solo projects has been good for Kelly.

“I love being a solo artist,” Kelly told Bleu Magazine. “When you’re in a group, you’re thinking about everybody. There is a time and a place to be in a group and a time and a place to be by yourself,” she added.

Kelly also shared that her solo career will allow her to grow in new ways. “When it comes to being a solo artist, you get a chance to express yourself from your level only. It just allows you to be you.”

We can’t wait to hear Kelly’s album “Here I Am,” which drops July 26.