Kelly Rowland Reminds Us Why It’s Important to Have Girl Groups Featuring Women Of Color
D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Kelly Rowland is on a mission.

Sitting firmly in the driver’s seat of her new reality series Chasing Destiny, Kelly is determined to give another group of young girls the same opportunities she had as a member of Destiny’s Child, one of the highest-selling girl groups of all time. After completing a stunning photo shoot for Galore, she spoke with them about the importance of building a group that can serve as an empowering representation of young women of color who work hard and build life-long bonds through their passion for music.

“I just wanted to make sure that I tapped into the feeling of the way I felt when I saw TLC. Or the way I felt when I saw En Vogue. Or even the way I felt when I saw Janet Jackson. She’s this huge pop star and her skin color looked like mine.”

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With the barrage of negative portrayals of women in hip hop videos and such, Kelly emphasized the powerful effect of having positive iamges of women of color in music. “I feel like it’s so important for young girls to feel like they can see someone who looks like them who they can identify with and they can hope and they can dream and they can see someone who works hard,” she said.

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We’ve all watched Kelly, Beyonce and Michelle maintain their close-knit friendship in the face of difficult times and continue to support each other no matter what, and Kelly says she wished the world would have gotten to see it all from the beginning. She revealed that wishing there were cameras around to capture the earlier days of Destiny’s Child likely played a part in her idea for the show.

“I wish there were more cameras around when Destiny’s Child was coming up. It was such an interesting time for us, being teens and growing up in the limelight. I wish we would have done a documentary. That’s probably how this idea conjured up. People don’t know about the 14-hour, 12-hour days, jumping from one thing to another, one country to the next country, to perform.”

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