Kelly Rowland is living her most fabulous single life right now, but she doesn’t plan to fly solo forever. She admits she’s not seeing anyone special right now, but when Kelly finds her Mr. Right, she already has their dream wedding all planned out.

“I absolutely want to be married,” Kelly tells us in a recent interview. “I want to have kids. I used to want five but I changed my mind real quick when I had to babysit my three God kids and I almost lost one, one wouldn’t leave my side, and the other one wanted to eat the whole time.”

All jokes aside, Kelly enjoys the fast life but says she can fully picture how she will settle down in the future. For starters she and her future dream guy will head off to a private location to exchange their vows.

“I just want to go away, get married, and come back and have a huge freakin’ party,” says Kelly, who was once engaged to Cincinnati Bengals player Roy Williams. “I actually want the ceremony to be just me and that man, and we’ll just be so happy standing there together. Then we’ll go on our honeymoon, possibly make a child, and then comeback home to a huge party.”

That sure sounds like marital bliss to us. Kelly admits that she found party inspiration at her good friend LaLa Anthony’s big day.

“When I went to LaLa’s reception it was so much fun, first of all,” the singer tells us. “I have never had that much fun. We were all just having such a good time together and it was such a good atmosphere. We were so happy for her and Melo and that felt so great too.”

Let’s hope Kelly and her future husband can steer clear of paparazzi when the time comes, because there’s really no such thing as a private celebrity wedding anymore. Maybe she’ll take a cue from her cousin Beyonce and Jay-Z — the top-secret couple managed to jump the broom without anyone sneaking in a photo.

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