Kelly Rowland’s new album, “Here I Am” drops today. Despite her success with singles like, “Motivation,” the former Destiny’s Child member still can’t escape questions about the girl group reuniting.

She spoke with Billboard about those pesky rumors of a reunion. “To be honest with you — myself, Michelle and B — we haven’t talked about it,” she said. “It has not come up in our conversations. We talk about everything else… But we haven’t talked about that yet.”

Though the rumors and comparisons to Beyonce don’t bother her, it’s the way Michelle Williams is treated that gets under her skin.

“What kind of angers me a bit is just the fact that Michelle is in Destiny’s Child, too, and respect her and know that it’s three of us — it’s not two,” said Kelly.

We love Kelly, Beyonce and Michelle’s solo success, but with all those classic woman-power anthems, can you really blame folks for wanting a DC reunion?

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