Where have all the girl bands gone?

That’s the question R&B and pop star Kelly Rowland is asking as she sets out to discover the next chart-topping group on the new BET reality competition series Chasing Destiny. The show, which premiered last night, gave the one-time Destiny’s Child star a platform to discover and mentor female singers with the help of her producing partner Frank Gatson Jr. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, Gatson is a choreographer and the former creative director for Destiny’s Child and later Beyoncé.

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“There’s only one girl group out right now,” Rowland said at a recent preview event for Chasing Destiny, referring to Fifth Harmony. “When I was in Destiny’s Child, there was En Vogue and SWV and Xscape and TLC and all these different types of styles and sounds and we need that. I’m trying to make something organic and I feel like I got that with myself, and my partner Frank Gatson and another genius (vocal coach) Stevie Mackey.” 

But Rowland, 35, isn’t interested in reality show catfights and drama.

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“We’re looking for the next star not the next reality star,” she said. “The ladies that we’re working with have to work hard.”

Are you going to tune in to Chasing Destiny? Why or why not? Weigh in below.

Chasing Destiny airs Tuesday nights on BET.