Keke Palmer has us sitting on the edge of our seats.

The 24-year-old is currently co-starring in the second season of Berlin Station, a spy drama about CIA agents based in Berlin working to dismantled the Far Right tide sweeping across continental Europe.

Palmer shines as April Lewis, a rookie trying to work her way to the top. “[April] is a new, eager millennial ready to get into her field,” Palmer tells ESSENCE. “She just graduated from college at the top of her class in the CIA. She’s a boss. She’s getting ready to learn that everything is not so black and white. Sometimes being an agent doesn’t always mean doing what you feel is right. And even knowing what ‘right’ is.”  

Filming the show in Berlin was also Palmer’s first experience spending an extended period of time in Europe. 

“I was in Berlin from the month of May till August and I had never really been to Europe,” she says. “I went to London when I was like 17, but for a week at most. So to go to Berlin and to be there for that long was a huge culture shock. I never really understood the concept of culture shock until I was there for so long because it’s so different.

“It’s a very liberated city, almost like San Francisco… Over there they know me a lot more for my Instagram and my music, than my acting. I realized a lot of my films they don’t translate.”

After this captivating season, we have a feeling her work will translate far more internationally. 

“Berlin Station” airs Sundays at 9p.m. EST on EPIX.