Keith Lamont Scott Family Lawyer Says Civil Suit Still A Possibility

The lawyer representing the family of Keith Lamont Scott says their pursuit of justice for his police-involved killing is far from over.

Prosecutors announced Wednesday that Brentley Vinson, the North Carolina police officer responsible for the fatal shooting of the 43-year-old Black father, will not face criminal charges. However, Scott family attorney says they will continue to investigate and may file a civil suit in the near future.

“We still have real questions about the decisions that were made that day, about how they confronted Keith,” lawyer Chuck Monnett said, according to USA Today. The Scott family issued a statement shortly after the decision was announced, noting that they were “profoundly disappointed” with the outcome of the investigation.

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White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest also briefly addressed reporters to comment on the matter. “The White House is not going to get involved in handicapping or second guessing local investigations,” Earnest said. “I’m confident that my colleagues at the Department of Justice are aware of this announcement and have followed through on their promise to monitor the case.”

Scott family attorneys, the family themselves, and many in the public continue to maintain that the officers involved in the fatal confrontation with Scott could have done more to defuse the situation without taking his life.