Keith Lamont Scott Autopsy Reveals He Was Shot In The Back

The official autopsy report for 43-year-old black father Keith Lamont Scott of North Carolina is raising even more questions about what really happened during his fatal encounter with police last month.

According to The Washington Post, the results of a private autopsy conducted for his family concluded that Scott was hit at least three times in the abdomen and left hand by bullets fired from a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer during the incident. Scott was also struck in the back, introducing room for a different chain of events from that reported by police.

“The cause of death is two, penetrating, indeterminate range gunshot wounds to the back and abdomen,” forensic pathologist Kim Collins wrote after conducting the autopsy. “The manner of death is homicide.” Attorneys for Scott’s family say that based on the autopsy reports, they believe the shot to the back was the first to hit him.

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Initial reports from Charlotte-Mecklenburg law enforcement claimed Scott was armed and “threatening” when an officer opened fire on him, despite claims from family that he was sitting in his car reading a book while waiting to pick his son up from school. More recently, video footage from both Scott’s wife and police body cams have failed to provide sufficient evidence to back up police claims that he was holding a gun when they shot him.

Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said he does not believe the officer who fatally shot Scott will be charged with a crime.