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The Hair Architect: Color Coordinate Your New Year

Keith Campbell, the Hair Architect, discusses the science of hair coloring and provides five rules to communicate exactly what you want on a hair consultation.    
New Year, new goals, new hair. The world of color is very forgiving, so let’s decide to live with color in all seasons in a very healthy way and give your hair star power in 2010, baby. Color has always been a touchy subject for women of every ethnic background, with different hair textures and lengths. In this new year, we’re going to change all of that. Hair colors and tones should coincide with a woman’s skin tone and eye color. There is definitely a science behind coloring your hair. If you plan on visiting your local beauty supply store or drug store to pick up an at-home color kit: STOP! Right now! It’s the start of a new decade for crying out loud! Get your life together and get your hair “did” the right way for a change. The art of color starts with the language of color. Here are the rules: 1. Stop saying “hair dye.” It’s called hair color. You dye shoes and hand bags not your hair, boo. 2. Here’s another one–“streaks”–they’re called highlights or low-lights. 3. Never ask anyone to “bleach” your hair. The process is called lightening. 4. This is a classic: “I want my hair a majority one color, then highlights.” That would be called a base color with high or low lights or under color. 5. You should not just go to any salon and ask for color. Oh no! This has to be a well thought-out process. Once you enter the salon, you ask for a “colorist.” Eighty percent of the time, all they do is color. They live and breathe color. They’re nerds and geeks about color so they will help you cultivate a long and healthy life with color. Knowing how to speak and communicate with your colorist is very important and will help you achieve your ultimate goal. Remember, everything lives in the consultation. That being said, I decided to organize an event at Keith Campbell Studios, in New Jersey, to help clients understand the genius behind a consultation, specifically a color consult. So join me as I take you into a world of color correction. Click here for step-by-step pictures of hair consultation. For more Keith Campbell, the Hair Architect stories, click here.