Happy New Year! Every year almost 7 out of 10 folks will pledge, state, shout or write down their intention to make a change in their life as January 1 rolls around. Guess how many follow-though and  actually complete their goal? In most cases, it’s less than fifteen percent.

That’s right.

Losing weight tops the list, then improving finances, making a job change and somewhere further down is improving relationships or even finding one. This morning on NBC, I spoke with Lester Holt about how to  keep your resolutions.

What gets in the way of keeping what start as good intentions? For most of us, it is a lack of time, resources, and an inability to bounce back when we “mess” up. We may slide back into our old ways and even think, “Oh well, I’ll try again next year”. Meanwhile ten to twenty pounds later, a new year arrives and your goal is made that much more difficult.

People who successfully complete their goals have a few things in common. They keep their goals simple, have a plan, and most importantly are fueled by the motivation and hope for change in the future.

If you have made a resolution or two, think about how you can measure and will realize the results. Be active with your strategy and plan.

For those of you still procrastinating, not to worry, making a change to benefit your life can happen any minute, hour or day.

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