A pedicure in the summer time is a no-brainer; you simply put on your sandals and keep it moving. But the winter presents new challenges to keeping your little piggies buffed and polished.

Do you wait for all eternity for your polish to dry before slipping your knee boots back on? Should you tough it out and mosey out of the salon in your flip-flops in the snow? Or do you just forgo pedicures altogether until the first sign of spring?

Youcouldtry Bootie Pies, a toasty winter boot that comes with a removable front flap that exposes your toes. They’re kind of like the winter version of polish-preserving flip-flops!

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Bootie Pies come in a variety of colors, and both a high and low boot style. Genius.

Prices start at $69 at bootiepies.com