Kat Graham Has The Best Labor Day Beauty Tips
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When a human being as gorgeous as Kat Graham is willing to share beauty secrets, we’re all ears. Labor Day is less than a week away and and since she has a knack for traveling, we’ve enlisted the Caress brand ambassador for quick advice on how to pack for the holiday weekend.

For starters, Kat recommends keeping five staple items on hand: Wet N’ Wild Waterproof Liner, an eyebrow pencil, makeup remover, edge control for those baby hairs and of course, a bottle of Caress. She personally swears by their Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash, which is made with burnt brown sugar and karite butter for optimal exfoliation. 

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Speaking of exfoliating, remember that the holiday weekend isn’t an excuse to take a break from your skincare routine. One of the biggest lessons Kat has learned from makeup artists on set is the importance of hydrating the skin. 

“Moisturize and prime the skin first,” she tells us. “Also, use products that fit your skin type. Do you have more oily skin? Do you have more dry skin? If you have more oily skin, find a good powder base; if you have drier skin, find a nice liquid foundation.”

Labor Day weekend is also the perfect time to start experimenting with your fall look. There’s no time like the present to start transitioning into darker makeup colors like burgundies, purples and browns. Kat is considering a similar transition for her ombre blonde hair, which she actually cut off to play Jada Pinkett Smith in the upcoming Tupac Shakur biopic, All Eyez On Me.  

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“Some of my favorite moments while filming was in the hair and makeup trailer when we got to pull up all these cool 90’s photos of Jada from back in the day,” she shares.  

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“It worked out because I had chopped off all my hair the day before I went in for the film, so I was able to pull off some of her short dos without a wig. Eyebrows down to the way that they did makeup back then was very specific to the time, and I wanted it to be true to that.”
Thanks to that unique experience, Kat is hoping to flaunt her natural curl pattern by year’s end. 

“Sporting a natural curl that will love the moisture and give me a natural look is something I’m looking into right now. I had permed my hair which a lot of us do when we’re rocking a pixie, and now I’m growing out my Liberian curls, so hopefully before the end of the year I’ll get to rock them out!”

There you have it ladies: embracing your natural beauty will never go out of style. Let us know what end-of-summer products you’re coveting below!