Karrine Steffans Refutes Columbus Short’s Claim That They Were Never Married
David Livingston/Getty Images

Columbus Short has been having a rough week.

In an interview on SirusXM’s The Heat with Dion Summers, Short implied that he and Steffans were never married.

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“And, when we say the word ‘wife’, we want to use that term loosely,” he told the radio host, “I care about that woman, but there’s a lot of things that I’m not going to say on the radio right now because I care about her spirit, but you know, there’s some people they have to learn when blessings come into their life to accept those blessings and you don’t have to operate in the old way when you want a new thing.”

Well, Steffans says otherwise. The author took to Instagram to share a photo of the couples marriage certificate and posted a lengthy reply to Short’s allegations.

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“With or without this license, he is my husband. As embarrassing and humiliating as this time is, it may be necessary. No radio interview he gives can negate the facts. There are photos, audio and police records that point to the truth, all of which I keep closely guarded. My hope is that I never feel the need to defend myself publicly against his public rants, accusations, half truths, and lies, for these are the traits of an addict and those dealing with mental illness.”

She continued to address her husband’s addiction issues, but added that despite the drama she still cared about him.

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“I love you and I hope to see you on the other side of this. I hope we are stronger and better as individuals, no matter the state of our union. Be well.”

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