Although Kanye West nabbed the most 2012 Grammy nominations this week, some were left wondering why Yeezy wasn’t on the list for the coveted “Album of the Year” or “Record of the Year” award.

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Although we may never know the real reason behind the omission, Kanye spoke out about the honor at a recent concert in his hometown of Chicago.

“Something I figured out early today – because you know, everybody came up to me last night like, ‘Congratulations!’ because you know I’m leading the Grammy nominations this year. Like we always do at this time,” said West.

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“But, people say ‘You ain’t got ‘Album of the year’ or ‘Record of the Year.’ But I figured it out. That’s my fault for dropping ‘Watch the Throne,’ and ‘Dark Fantasy’ the same year. I should have just spaced it out a little bit more,” West admitted.

It seems like Kanye is looking on the bright side of things these days. Nonetheless, with a whopping seven nominations, we’re hopping he won’t walk away empty-handed.

Do you agree with Kanye’s hypothesis about the Grammy snub?