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Kanye West A Puppeteer?

Kanye West is moving on to his next project, and we’re not referring to his upcoming album. The Grammy-winninng rap star has taken on a fresh, artsy venture that the Hollywood Reporter is describing as “hip-hop meets The Muppets.” He has teamed up with Comedy Central to create “Alligator Boots,” which is scheduled to debut next year. Other producers for the show include  Jon Kimmel from “South Park” and fellow rapper Rhymefest. Similar to Jim Henson’s furry cast, the ‘gators will debut a new presenter each week and immortalize the Chi-town lyricist in puppet form. Catch a sneak peek of the Kanye puppet competing against Olympic champions in the 100-meter dash in his video “Champion.” According to Billboard magazine, an episode has already been filmed and features fresh tracks from the hip-hop luminary.