Recently, a shocking Snapchat from a student at Kansas State University went viral and the school is addressing the matter with a statement condemning the act.

A selfie, which appears to have been posted by Paige Shoemaker, shows two women in blackface with the caption, “Feels good to finally be a n—-,” the photo quickly went viral when senior Desmund Weathers tweeted the photo.

She wrote, “Welcome to Kansas State University. Where breakfast in the morning is some K-State Family with a side of Racism,” adding, “But I’m supposed to walk into my classes feeling completely comfortable with people on our campus who think like this?”

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Pat Bosco, dean of students, quickly issued a statement condemning the photo.

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“This photo has students, faculty, staff and other members of the K-State family upset,” Bosco said. “It rightly should, as there is no place for racism at our university.” 

However, Weathers told USA Today that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened at the school. He said that the Black Student Union received tons of racist backlash on app Yik Yak after staging a die-in after Michael Brown was killed by police in Ferguson. 

Bosco’s letter to parents and students praised the work of the Black Student Union, but failed to mention if any action would be taken against Shoemaker, who was expelled from her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, last year.

“Her words and actions certainly do not reflect the values and principles of Zeta Tau Alpha,” the sorority wrote in a statement, “Our Fraternity’s membership includes women of many races, nationalities and religions and we all strive to seek the noblest in every endeavor.”

Bosco assured members Kansas State University’s community that “we must do better, and we will do better.”