Just Engaged? This Website Will Be Your New Best Friend
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Did your relationship status change from “dating” to “engaged” over the Valentine’s Day weekend? if so, this article is about make your day.

Usually this is the part where you spend all day at your job pretending to “work” while instead combing through Pinterest boards and tough-to-navigate wedding venue websites searching for the perfect place to say “I do.” Which is then followed by the part where you think you’ve found one—in your price range!—so you call and leave a message, only to wait impatiently by the phone for days hoping someone from said venue will get back to you about availability and cost; only to have your dreams eventually crushed days later when you learn that the venue you had your heart set on is either way out of your budget or booked until the next summer Olympics.

It sucks; we know. But the creator and CEO of popular new wedding venue shopping site Wedding Spot, newlywed Tina Hoang-To, believes that jumpstarting the wedding planning process shouldn’t have to be so painful. Wedding Spot is a technology-based venue locator designed to remove all of the fuss out of the hunt by allowing brides to pick out, compare and price wedding venues in one location.

Hoang-To’s first-of-its-kind site is a simply wonderful (wish you’d thought of it first right?) solution for busy brides with little time or patience for traditional planning pitfalls. Sign up for free then search big and small venues in your metropolitan area by location and style then customize a package based on exactly what the venue offers and wait for your instant price quote.

And for the pickiest brides, Wedding-Spot.com lets you compare multiple venue options and offerings side-by-side and contact venues when you’re ready to talk business. Availability calendars are available for certain cities and Hoang-To says they plan to expand that service. Just think of it as the Open Table of wedding venues.

Your road to the altar just got a lot shorter with a lot less bumps. You’re welcome, ladies. Happy planning!