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June Ambrose on Mastering Trends, Accessorizing to the Max and Her Number One Style Tip

Fashion guru June Ambrose shares her philoshophy on trends, using accessories as punctuation marks and the number one style tip that everyday women can master in 2016.
June Ambrose on Mastering Trends, Accessorizing to the Max and Her Number One Style Tip
Hannan Saleh

June Ambrose needs no introduction. The fashion powerhouse has conquered every aspect of style from working with the biggest names in entertainment to having her own reality show and HSN fashion line. Whatever it is, June is always at the top of her game.

The fashion maven talked to Essence.com about style in the new year and how everyday women can become their most fabulous selves. Oh, and the #Rockmom even gave us some tips on clean eating and balancing personal time and motherhood. Here are her tips on being your most fabulous self in 2016. 

Be Fearless

Start your new year off with doing something that you were the most afraid of as it relates to fashion. Just try it. And see how you respond to it. See if you get the adulation that you were looking for and if you don’t get the adulation think about if it was worth trying. I guarantee it was worth it because it’s really more about what it did for you than what it did for others. When you approach discovering yourself for yourself and not for others I think that it’s much more well received because you have the confidence to conquer all and I think that’s key. If you don’t try it you don’t experience the confidence it took to get you to that place. Do I walk over the puddle or do I leap over the puddle? To me life is always about the leap. 

Change Your Approach Towards Accessories

I think about an accessorizing like I think about a sentence. So it’s about whether I want to speak with a period, or a exclamation, or if I want to continue a conversation. I might need to create a bit of mystique so a pair of eyewear creates the comma like, “what’s underneath?” But it also gives you an exclamation if you’re wearing something simple and classic. How you use your accessories and what voice you want them to have is the best way to approach it. 

Find Yourself in That New Trend

I always tell people when you think about a trend really try to find yourself in it before you commit to it. It’s so much less about the trend and so much more about you. Trends are like editorial, they’re supposed to inspire and invoke a spirit.

Start With One Thing When Honing Your Style

Start with one thing. That one thing could be a lipstick, or combing your hair, or finding one pair of jeans that makes you feel so freaking sexy that you wear them every single day. But do one thing for yourself because if you don’t do the one thing, you’re not going to discover the other things. Because you loose a sense of yourself when you’re taking care of everyone else. The abandonment of oneself, I will not succumb to that. I won’t reward it, I won’t encourage it and when I see it I speak on it.

Eating Clean is Simple

I try to keep things very simple but also creative. My kids are very visual, I look for ways to reinvent it and sell it, like fashion, and I accessorize with flavors and colors. Some women are like ‘I can’t cook’ but it’s simple, don’t overthink it. You can have all of the things that you love if the portions are controlled.

Motherhood is also About Taking Care of You

I’ve realized that there is this void, this loneliness and there’s the sense of “my kids come first so I don’t need to look like anything, and I’m too busy.” You find time for the things that you love, I’m going to make the time. I find when I do something for me I’m happier, and that one thing could be getting your hair colored. I guarantee your kids are going to appreciate you even more, because they look at you and they want you to be happy. Yea it’s the biggest and most rewarding thing to be a mom and parent and develop a young person. That’s our gift to society, we nurture these human beings that go on to be amazing citizens, that’s an amazing gift but you’re the CEO of your home and your life. You should look like one. You did one of the most amazing things, you brought life into the world. You’re raising and developing and nurturing this thing you created, look the part. Look like you’re the CEO.