The jumpsuit is a controversial piece of clothing. For some, it’s the epitome of chic, while for others, the jumpsuit should be illegal for anyone over 18. Whatever side of the coin you land, it’s obvious that trendsetting celebrities can’t get enough of the jumpsuit. Sure, there’s lots of room to go wrong here, but that doesn’t have to mean pulling the plug on the trend altogether. Choosing the right jumpsuit for your frame is 99% of what it takes to nail this look. With the plethora of styles and fabrics to pick from, for any occasion from picnics to  black tie affairs, wearing a jumpsuit is no longer intimidating. In fact, once you’ve gotten your hands on the perfect pair, you’ll come to discover that the jumpsuit is as versatile and easy to wear as your trusty LBD. Still not convinced? As with any trend, studying how stylish gals interpret the jumpsuit is the best inspiration to help you take that fashion jump. Check out your roster of fabulous celebrities who’ve fallen hard for all-in-one look to get an idea of what will work best for you. Read more: