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Coffee Talk: 'Jumping the Broom' Earns $15.2M

It's Monday, see why we're asking for two lumps of sugar this morning: Angie Stone and NeNe Leakes are starring in a play together, Oprah gives OWN CEO the boot, and "Jumping the Broom" earns $15.2 over the weekend...


It’s Monday, see why we’re asking for two lumps of sugar this morning:

  • “Jumping the Broom” leaped into the third spot over the weekend. The star-studded film earned $15.2 million — which more than doubled its $6.6 million budget. Also, the film earned an A grade from the Cinemascore — congrats to T.D. Jakes and the cast. [Huffington Post]

  • Early news reports from Los Angeles “X-Factor” auditions have people talking. It seems as if L.A. Reid is serving up some very harsh criticism. According to reports, his commentary is meaner than Simon Cowell’s. How is that possible? We can’t wait to see the new series.” [Hollywood Reporter]

  • Angie Stone has signed on to do a play with NeNe Leakes, Kenny Lattimore and Tyson Beckford. “Loving Him is Killing Me” is the newest project for the stars. When asked if Stone is having any problems with Leakes, she replied, “I don’t have a problem with NeNe. She’s a go getter. She’s a winner.” [EurWeb]

  • In “Celebrity Apprentice” news, our girl NeNe Leakes walked off last night’s show! It’s true! La Toya Jackson was fired and so was Star Jones. Though Jones was given the boot, she put up a great fight. [Hollywood Life]

  • Bill Cosby is encouraging Birmingham Miles College to search for survivors of the April 27th storms. Cosby also received an honorary doctorate from the HBCU. Congrats to the graduates and Cosby. [Huffington Post]

  • Oprah gave the boot to OWN CEO Christina Norman. She’s only been there for 4 months and apparently ratings haven’t been that great. Oprah is said to be searching for a permanent CEO. [Fox News]

  • Lauryn Hill put on a fabulous set at the 2011 Jazz Festival. We hear she put on a hell of a show. Take a look at one of Hill performing “The Sweetest Thing.”